5D Animator / Ascension Chamber
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The 5D Animator Activation: While standing in the 13-foot high Ascension Chamber, all of the Soul's Aspects (not just the Human Aspect) are aligned throughout all time, space, and dimensions, bringing the MerKaBa Activation to a whole new level. 

Please see the Harmony Handbook description below
to learn more about the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber

Local Activations: The 5D Animator is housed at Twistedsage Studios in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota. 15 minute activation process: $25/Person.
Please contact for appointment and availability.

Distance Attunement and Activations: If you choose a session with the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber, you will receive all that occurs as if in the physical.  Done through telephone or Skype, the 20-30 minute session consists of a guided meditation and Soul work, which includes all the clearing, aligning, balancing, and connecting which precedes the activations and attunements.  You will acquire some valuable tools while experiencing the Heart Journey. 

Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a printable form to release non-beneficial Soul Contracts for yourself, as well as a one-page overview of the MerKaBa Activation.

$44 for the Distance Attunement and Activation via Skype or telephone

And for donations of other amounts:

If you wish to purchase any programmable tools or crystal pendants to hold the information from your session, they will go through the physical chamber during your session.  Please contact Scott at The Crystal Hotel for your custom Chamber Pendant.  You may also provide Twistedsage Studios with a crystal for this purpose prior to the service.  Our mailing address is at the bottom of this page.

As we do travel to facilitate these workshops, look for us in your area, or contact to host an event!!

Upcoming Schedule of Events in 2015

Date Time Event  City and State
September Equinox
Daily Tribal Visions Taos, New Mexico

 Would you like to be a Facilitator?

All the kno
wledge, skills, and attunements can be found in
The Harmony Handbook and Multidimensional Primer

Access the 5D Animator through this 48-page manual:

  • Simple access to the Sacred Space of the Heart
  • Clear non-beneficial energy attachments, Entities, and energetic implants
  • Cleaning, clearing, and healing on physical, mental, and emotional bodies
  • Release Soul Contracts that no longer serve you
  • Balance, align, and activate all chakras
  • Align you and your Higher Soul Self, and all of your Soul Aspects
  • Work within all Time, Space, and Dimensions
  • Clear and integrate lost Soul Shards
  • Connect with your Star Family and Soul Group

You will also learn to:

  • Connect with the Council of Light an Source Rays
  • Anchor Light for transmuting and transmitting
  • Cut cords and create beneficial connections
  • Create Heart Connections with others
  • Call in and work with your Guides
  • Heart Code Activations
  • Pineal Activation
  • Time Travel
  • Create healing Elixirs
  • Make and utilize Light Balls
  • Closing non-beneficial Portals
  • Working with Portals and Portal Keepers

Twistedsage Studios is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where we offer advanced and intermediate Workshops, Activations, and a variety of invaluable services.  Please visit for more information, tools, and free resources.
  We also offer services such as space clearing and soul journeys.

Contact Brian Besco for Appointment at

Twistedsage Studios
PO Box 101
Buffalo Gap, SD

With Love and Gratitude
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