Evolution of the MerKaBa into the Crystalline MerKaBa

 The 17-breath process: Drunvalo Melchizedek  was given the MerKaBa information years ago, and used to be a process  to re-activate your field.  There were mudras and breath-work along with  visualizations which needed to be done daily for nearly two years  before the field stayed permanently in place.

I found the 17-breath MerKaBa technique to be confusing and difficult,  so tried to condense the exercises down into a manageable format.  I  began to promote and share this information in 2008.  By 2011, I began  to facilitate the Activation process for others.

Drunvalo's guide, Thoth, is also my sister's right-hand.  He simply  walks with her.  Through the years, and through my sister, he has  assisted in my inquiries into the process.

In early 2012, I asked Thoth for an easier way, and he responded by  showing that when the 17-breath process was anchored into the Sacred  Space of the Heart, it would remain permanent.  This began my journey to  facilitate, in earnest.  I toured the Midwest region with a life-sized,  copper star-tetrahedron, facilitating thousands of activations for free  to little cost through one-hour workshops.

The Crystalline MerKaBa: Then, in July of 2013, we were shown a new way to Activate.  This was soon to become the Crystalline MerKaBa.   While speaking at the Tesla Tech Convention in Albuquerque on Tensor  Fields, a friends guide hinted at an easier way.  Upon asking, Thoth  verified a simplified process.

While Brenda channels The Elders Three, they had been giving some simple techniques for daily living, such as the Infinite Heart technique.   Thoth showed that when a person has an active field, they can use the  infinite heart to simply connect heart to heart with another, then soul  to soul, and simply "pop" out the MerKaBa from the Heart.

We called it "popping" the MerKaBa, because that best describes the  motion, feeling, and sound from the initial moment it comes into being.   This was the birth of the Crystalline MerKaBa as we know it.  It was  more tangible, more crystal-like in nature, and felt much more  expansive... yet was the same size, shape, and frequency of spin as the  prior, innate, MerKaBa field.

The very first Crystalline MerKaBa Activation, came from a workhsop in Santa Fe, where the only participant happened to be a Master Angelic, incarnate, whom I did the initial activation with.  I could actually see my MerKaBa field after that!!!!

We found with the Crystalline MerKaBa activation, that there were many  other fields activated in the process... not just the star-tetrahedron  associated with the physical, 3rd density body.  Some people's fields  would go out to infinitely and back.  Others would keep popping fields  for perhaps a day afterwards.  Only those fields which were for the  Highest and Greatest Good of the person were ever activated.

New Geometries:   As of April 2014, we began to witness Gaia developing a new MerKaBa  Geometry, which seems to have began around February 15th -17th of 2015,  as many of us witnessed the Earth enter into a new density reality.   This process seems to have "quickened" after March Equinox, where  approximately 1/3 of all MerKaBa Activations resulted in the 12-pointed  Star Dodecahedron:
1/3 where still the Star Tetrahedron, and the other 1/3 were geometries that I have no reference for.

In the beginning of this adventure, I had mapped out several MerKaBa  geometries, and some basic characteristics and abilities associated with  these fields.  One of which is the 64 pointed star, extending about 13 feet out from the body in all directions.  It was associated with people who connect and work with Metatron.  This geometry is also known as the 64 Tetra-hedra grid of Nassim Haramein.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has stated there are 1 to 2 hundred thousand different working geometries within our Universe.

 The New Crystalline:  Thoth and/or Metatron were always part of the MerKaBa activation process, and  there was always clearing of non-beneficial entities done for people, as these non-beneficial attachments would sometimes block the activation  from occurring.  It is only since January 2015 that Thoth told us that  the Higher Soul Self of the person can activate the MerKaBa, without any outside help.  So, with the new Activation video you are about to watch, I will do the necessary entity clearing  work for you (if it is for the Highest and Greatest Good to be done), before  you even watch the video, while it is your Higher Soul Self who does the actual activation with you, activating all the fields that are  for your Highest and Greatest Good to be functioning at this time.

The 5D Animator Activation:   In August of 2014, the 5D Animator was born into this world.  While  standing in this 13-foot high Ascension Chamber, it aligns all of the  Soul's Aspects (not just the Human Aspect) throughout all time, space,  and dimensions.  This brings the MerKaBa Activation to a whole new  level.  All of your Soul's Aspects MerKaBa fields are activated in the  process, not just the Human Aspect, bringing the Crystalline MerKaBa to  an entirely new dimensional level!!!


Go to the 5D Animator Activations page for more information.

Some other random information on the MerKaBa:

The Star  Tetrahedron is seen on a 2-dimensional plane as the six-pointed Star of  David, while the actual star has eight points.  The top of the Star  Tetrahedron is found one-hand's length above the head, and the bottom  one-hand's length below the feet.

This Star Tetrahedron is connected with the physical body.  It is solid  and stationary, and moves as your physical body moves.  There are two other Star Tetrahedrons, that could be seen as energetic ones, as they overlap the first Star.  They are the same size as the stationary Star.  

As you look out of your Star Tetrahedron, the two "energetic" Star  Tetrahedrons spin in opposite directions, one to the left, one to the  right.  They will spin at the Fibonacci, or Golden Mean, ratio of 34 to  21. They will also spin at 9/10 the speed of Light. When the Star Tetrahedrons are actively spinning at this speed and ratio, they then are referred to as the MerKaBa Field. 

Both the speed and frequency are related to the Earth, and is the same  as the day we were born.  There are other possible MerKaBa Stars  available, but the standard MerKaBa must function before any others do.  

From the physical Heart, there is a Toroidal Field created, as the Heart  is an Electromagnetic Generator.  There is also a Toroidal Field that  extends out from the MerKaBa for 35 to 50 feet.  This Electromagnetic  Field can be used as a tool, and may be cleaned and cleared through  intention.

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