Sacred Heart Space

  The  Sacred Heart Space is found within the physical heart where Ego cannot  follow, and is accessible in a few simple breaths!!!!  
    It is from here that we activate the MerKaBa.
You can find the guided meditation at the bottom of this page.
During any Soul Journey Session, I will walk you into the Heart Space. 
We see our consciousness as a little  ball of Light about the size of a marble;  it sits in the middle of the  brain, right behind the pineal gland.   This consciousness sees through  our physical eyes, and sees the world as separate from ourselves.  In  this exercise, we are going to move our consciousness into our Heart  Space.

     The heart contains thousands of physical brains cells, as it was  the first organ created after conception.  The Sacred Space of the Heart  can appear to you as a small room, or a cave.  It can also appear as an  ocean beach... whatever it is that you see, trust it.  The Sacred Seat of the Heart is where we wish to settle our consciousness down onto. 

     When you get to your Heart Space, you will find only those beings  that are there for your Greatest Good.  Trust who you see in this Sacred  Space.  

     To get to the Sacred Seat of the Heart

  • Take in the Trinity Breath of  both Earth and Sky, mixing the two energies together within you to form  the Trinity- the Trinity of Earth/Sky/You. 
  • With the out-breath, picture  yourself as that little ball of Light that sits in the middle of the  brain, and move out of the brain, dropping down into the Sacred Space of  the Heart. 
  • Once there, look, or feel, for a place to sit your consciousness down onto- your Sacred Seat of the Heart. 

Sacred Space of the Heart

This is the long form for entering the Heart Space.  Every meditation we have out there uses a quicker, three breath technique to enter the Heart.