Programs and Intentions

 Suggested intentions:

  • I am always Guided, Guarded, and Protected
  • I have clear communication and understanding with my Higher Soul Self and all of my Guides 
  • Only that which is for my Highest and Greatest Good may enter my field

As with any  intentions/manifestations, besides always being in the Heart Space, be  sure to always state your intentions in a positive manner, vs a double  negative i.e. "I don't want a crappy car"

     Once re-activated, the MerKaBa becomes a tool;  it is a part of  your consciousness.  This tool will protect you from Electromagnetic  Frequencies, for instance.  I suggest that this be one of the "programs"  or intentions that is set into the MerKaBa Field.

     To set a program, or intention, into the MerKaBa, you need to be in  the Sacred Space of the Heart.  As stated earlier, when you create from  the Heart Space, you are creating what is for the Greatest good of  everyone as all Heart Spaces are connected.  When you create from the  Head, you create in Duality.

     Visualize the MerKaBa Field around your body (perhaps just seeing  the one Star Tetrahedron that is solid and stationary) and "send" in  your intentions.  It can be as simple as that.  If needed, you can  visualize a ball filled with all the Highest Aspects of Love and Joy,  for instance, and watch as it pops and flows onto your MerKaBa.

As things come up during the day, you can stop, go into the Heart Center, and set your intentions.

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